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A lot of airlines are offering customers to change flights that are flying to and from certain airports. I was able to go to each website and obtain some information. I have placed most of the information below, however, be sure to contact to the airline to OFFICIALLY confirm what you may be eligible for.

American Airlines: Charlotte, Columbia, and Raleigh among a few others are airports that qualify. If you were flying to/from/ through these airports, you may qualify for a no fee waiver change, however, there are restrictions on the dates as well as cabin re-booking information. Contact American to confirm your qualification. Click here for more alert information from American.

United: The same cities listed for American are ones that qualify and there may be some baggage fee and in-cabin pet fees waived as well. Contact United for confirmation of your qualification. Click here for more alert information from United.

Frontier: Frontier is offering a change as well, but the new flight looks as if it must be booked by 10/1/18. Contact Frontier for qualification confirmation. Click here for more information on Frontier.

Jet Blue: Jet Blue waivers only qualify for certain cities. Charlotte and Raleigh are two. Click here for more information.

Southwest: The difference with Southwest appears that flight waivers apply with changing travel destinations to ATL and JAX. Click here for more information on waivers with Southwest.

Delta: Delta is offering one time changes if you are traveling to/from/through certain cities as well along with other parameters. Click here for more information from Delta.

Be safe out there!