As Hurricane Florence continues on its path, variations of where the hurricane will strike have continued to change.

While we receive several updates each day, the latest projection shows a slight deviation from yesterday’s report.

Currently, Florence remains a Category 4 storm. It’s rare for a storm of this magnitude to strike North Carolina. To put that into perspective, the last Category 4 storm to make landfall in North Carolina was in 1954.

Hurricane Hazel caused widespread devastation — Claiming 95 lives in the US, and leaving a trail of destruction in its path. (Source: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, Florence’s predicted path was just north of our city. The latest forecast, however, shows the storm has shifted again, and may travel just south of Charlotte.

Due to the shift and the likelihood of extreme downpours, WCNC issued a warning that the new path could increase our risk of tornadoes over the weekend.

It’s important to note, that the storm can still shift in either direction inside the cone.

Additionally, flooding is still a major concern.

To watch Brad Panovich’s latest weather forecast, please click here.

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