Burpie Presents: Comedians You Should Know

FOR LIFE -"Brother's Keeper" - Determined to gain access to his police file, Aaron decides to represent an inmate from Safiya's drug rehabilitation program whose brother is a cop. District Attorney Maskins and Assistant District Attorney O'Reilly close in on proof of Aaron's malfeasance during Jose Rodriguez's trial, targeting Marie as a way to get to Aaron. "For Life," a co-production from Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios, airs TUESDAY, FEB. 25 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Eric Liebowitz via Getty Images) FELONIOUS MUNK

This guy here has been grinding for a while, I’m proud to say I know him and he gave advice even when he didn’t know he was. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Dennis Banks aka Felonious Munk.

After leaving a job as a finance director for a new car dealership,[5] Munk pursued stand up comedy. Shortly after, he began a web series Stop It B. The series eventually gained attention in the political world for Munk’s socio-political commentary. Following several appearances on Fox Business News’ Imus in the Morning in 2011,[6] Munk was hired by WPIX in New York to provide commentary for their 5pm news broadcast, anchored by Jodi Applegate.[7] He was also a regular in the comedy clubs in the city, headlining Gotham in 2012/13[8][9] and making appearances on podcasts like Robert Kelly‘s You Know What Dude! podcast among others.

In 2012, former Tribune Company chief innovation officer Lee Abrams founded TouchVision a news media organization targeting millennials and hired Munk to provide the type of biting, edgy, and funny commentary he’d previously provided for WPIX. From 2013–2016 Munk and Touchvision provided Chicago and Touchvision’s syndicated audience with Emmy worthy[10] commentary. While in Chicago, Munk has been an integral part in creating and growing the groundbreaking Afrofuturism [11][12] show in concert with the legendary sketch and improv theater The Second City. That show evolved into a new show “Black Side of the Moon” which debuted in Washington, DC. In its 7 week run, it became the best selling[13] show in Woolly Mammoth Theater history. During the run of the show, Munk debuted his impression of President Obama, with The Washington Post‘s reviewer calling it “measured and spot-on.”[14] He has also appeared as part of the Chicago-based Simmer Brown collective of South Asian comedians.[15]

Munk began appearing on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore in its first season and made several appearances as the “Blegghead” (Black Egghead) over the shows two seasons.[16]

Munk currently stars as Hassan Nawaz[17] on the show For Life on ABC.