Burpie Presents: Comedians You Should Know

B-Daht – pronounced B-DOT, finished high school in Greensboro, North Carolina. While attending Winston Salem State University, “Daht” started at 102 JAMZ in the Fall of 2004.

He always made it a mission to make everyone in the building at 102 JAMZ smile. Gaining more confidence, Daht eventually took his talents to the stage as a stand-up comedian. By the time he graduated from WSSU, in 2006, he was a fixture on the “Wild-Out Wake-Up Show” as the funny man of the mornings. He specialized in his “world-famous prank phone calls” which eventually led him to be a member of 3 Live Crew.

In 2004, B-Daht founded a comedy improvisation group called the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show, #FFCS. He has also appeared in the independent film “Wigger”, on 3 seasons of MTV’s WildN Out, recap episodes of Catfish, and James Davis’ Hood Adjacent on Comedy Central.

B-Daht has gained much love from the community. He enjoys going out to support local causes and believes that it’s always important to give back. B-Daht is very grateful for the people who have supported him as he’s moved up the ranks from “Morning Show Funny Guy” to the host of his own morning show, “3 Live Crew”.