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Bhad Bhabie, 18, did a livestream with fellow rapper Lil Yachty, 23, to address cultural appropriation allegations Wednesday.

The 18-year-old who got her “break” off of a viral clip on Dr. Phil back in 2016 coining the phrase, “‘cash’ me outside” has been consistently in the headlines about her appropriation of Black culture. This comes from the recent Inked magazine cover that the 18-year-old rapper appeared on. The cover caused a lot of criticism which prompted the Instagram Live with Yachty.

When the conversation began to get heated, Lil Yachty asked, per XXL, “You think if you yell at a screen, people gon’ be like, ‘Oh, she’s not racist?'”

The Flordia rapper replied, “There’s proof out there that what I said was not that. And what I do is not for that reason.”

The “One Night” rapper responded calmly, “But I need you to understand that there’s a better way to get your point across.”

“Y’all make these words have different terms to what they even mean,” the “Bestie” rapper fired back and began to give examples of what she deems as cultural appropriation. “Cultural appropriation is if I was to sit up and say, ‘Oh. A certain race looks ugly with that.’ And then I go do that on myself. Take braids for example. If I say a Black girl look ugly with braids and then I go get them, that’s culturally appropriating. Or when girls put chopsticks in their hair, that’s cultural appropriation. That’s doing something negative with someone’s culture.”

She then added, “That’s doing something negative with someone’s culture… But when you simply do it out of appreciation, that’s not appropriation.”

Yachty with a confused look responds, “Bro… What the f— is you talking about? That’s not the argument.”

Bhabie then asked why she is considered racist if she wants to be a Black person as she defended her “hood” accent.

“Oh, what?” she continued. “Because I have a hood accent? OK. Anybody can grow up in the hood: White people, Asian people, Spanish people, Black people. Anybody can grow up in the hood.”

Yachty whose face cannot be seen on the livestream groans in frustration. He then gives Bhabie some valuable advice on how she should handle her frustrations in “private” instead of on Instagram Live, “On the real, I’m going to let you know something. You understand right now it’s you in a room yelling at a phone screen. For what though? Why?”

Bhabie replied: “It makes me feel better, I don’t give a f—.”

Clearly, over the conversation, Yachty responds and says, “Goodnight,” and leaves the stream.