In just a few weeks, Halloween is here, which means it’s time for scary stories, haunted houses, and more. I love things that are haunted, so this is right up my alley for sure.

With Halloween just around the corner, Thrillist has pulled together a collection of the creepiest urban legends from around the country. So, what’s the spot with the creepiest urban legend in North Carolina?

According to Thrillist, North Carolina’s top urban legend is The Beast of Bladenboro. I have never in my life heard of this. So naturally, I was very intrigued. Thrillist talks about why it is creepy. The reason is that it’s a large possibly vampire cat-beast that might also be part bear and will brutally murder your pets and/or livestock (and maybe you?) when you aren’t looking.

The legend of this cryptid dates all the way back to 1954. The story goes that a string of mysterious, gruesome deaths began to hit animals in and around Bladenboro, North Carolina — broken jaws, crushed heads, and even reports of blood completely draining from bodies. Eyewitness accounts varied, but seemed to point to something vaguely feline in nature, but also larger and more powerful. The story made national news, and there were multiple hunting parties that attempted to catch the beast. They never did, but the killings eventually stopped. At least for now.

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