SAN FERNANDO, PHILIPPINES - JUNE 18: Customers dine at a McDonald's restaurant during the launch of the BTS Meal on June 18, 2021 in San Fernando, Pampanga province, Philippines. Long queues formed in several McDonald's restaurants in the Philippines as fans of the K-pop group BTS flocked to order the newly launched and wildly popular BTS themed meals. The limited edition celebrity meal "BTS Meal", a collaboration between the fastfood giant and BTS, will be made available in 49 countries. (Photo by Ezra Acayan/Getty Images)

Thanks to social media sites like TikTok and Twitter, people have been sharing the ways they order some fast food menu items to create their own unique dishes, and now McDonald’s is going to make it easier than ever to try these creations. I randomly got a Micky D’s craving last night, so my move is I like to open up food apps and look at the food menu like I’m going to order something knowing good well I’m not going to. Anyone else do this? Or just me? Well, when I opened up the app I saw that starting on the last day of this month, you can start ordering food item hacks.

Come to find out, McDonald’s just announced that starting Monday, and for a limited time, they are adding certain viral hacks to the menu so people can order them “by name,” allowing them to get “all the menu items they need in one bag to build each tasty creation on their own.”

Menu hacks include:

  • Hash Brown McMuffin – Only available at breakfast, this adds a Hash Brown to the Sausage McMuffin with Egg.
  • Crunchy Double – Chicken McNuggets topped with a Double Cheeseburger, with a recommended Tangy BBQ sauce drizzle “for maximum flavor.”
  • Land, Air & Sea – Combines a Big Mac with a McChicken and a Filet-O-Fish.(select restaurants will feature the Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken sandwich.)
  • Surf + Turf – (available through the app and delivery) it combines a Double Cheeseburger and Filet-O-Fish.

Now, folks who order these hacks will still have to put their item together, Micky D’s won’t be doing it for you. The chain will even offer up some specials that include the hack items.