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Professional microphone in radio studio

The most popular question we get asked as radio personalities is “How Do I Get My Song On The Radio?” Each and every Tuesday Nolimit Larry & The Morning Maddhouse play a local independent artist at 830am. Local artists often dm about how they can get their songs on the radio station. Artists also want to know how to get their songs in regular rotation to be played constantly during the day. Pay attention listen up and read on. This should help.

  • Record a good song.
  • Make sure the song you have has good sound quality.
  • Play the song in different places on different systems to hear the quality and clarity.

Make sure the song is clean. If you have a question about a word in the song then take it out. If you do have to clean up a song either delete the word or replace the word with another word instead of the dirty one. You can reverse the word but this is the worst possible way.

Want to get your music played? Send your song and information to: