Salisbury’s Chris Smith, a NFL defensive end, has marked a one-year agreement to play for the Carolina Panthers, as per the group.

The West Rowan High School item and previous Arkansas Razorback has played six seasons with the Browns, Bengals and Jaguars.

Smith has played 60 profession games, making two beginnings. He has 68 handles and 8.5 sacks.

Last September, Smith’s sweetheart Petara Cordero was struck and executed by a passing vehicle after Smith’s vehicle had gotten debilitated.

Smith reveals to that he has matched up with Emergency Safe Solutions, to attempt to get refreshed danger lights on all vehicles.

“Hazard lights have not been updated since 1951,” Smith told the team’s website. “We are working to get every car updated hazard lights,” Smith said. “We want that in every car around the world.”