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In WTF News…A 76 year old is headed back to prison but you will never believe why! 

Gwen Levi was sentenced to 24 year sentence in prison for conspiracy to sell at least 1 kilogram of heroin.  After serving 16 years, she was released to home confinement under the CARES Act  to prevent the spread of COVID.

Since her release Gwen has been an upstanding citizen, caring for her 94 year old mother, volunteering at prison advocacy organizations, and taking various classes in hopes of landing a job.  Unfortunately, her aspirations to better herself is what landed her back behind bars.

At 10:51am officials noticed Gwen’s ankle monitor was not her home address.  That is because she was attending a computer word processing class at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and did not answer her phone.  They say they were unable to get in contact with her until 1:17pm when she arrived back to her mother’s house.  Because of that simple act, the Bureau of Prisons listed her as an “escape” and quickly shipped the lung cancer survivor back to the big house.

Gwen’s lawyer, Sapna Mirchandani, calls the entire situation “ridiculous” and said, “There’s no question she was in class”.   She went on to say, “As I was told, because she (Gwen) could have been robbing a bank, they’re going to treat her as if she was robbing a bank.”

According to her lawyer, Gwen is devastated,“I feel like I was attempting to do all the right things.”  She went on to say, “At no time did i think I wasn’t supposed to go to that class.  I apologize to my mother and my family for what this is doing to them.”

After hearing this story, people everywhere are calling for President Biden to step in and grant Gwen clemency.