Here’s a sweet deal….Literally!! HI-CHEW, the fruity candy made by Morinaga America, Inc., is having a special fantasy weekend sweepstakes that you don’t want to miss.

Starting today through Tuesday, April 26th, all candy lovers are invited to apply for HI-CHEW’s sweepstakes. The winner will get the chance to spend two nights in Palm Springs, California at HI-CHEW’s Fantasy House. Also, did I mention you can invite up to 5 friends to come with you?! Yeah, pretty awesome!!!

The house is poolside, has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and is located just 3 minutes from downtown Palm Springs. It is the ultimate destination for a fantasy weekend with friends! But, you haven’t even heard the BEST part yet!

Each room in the house is themed based on three new flavors released as part of HI-CHEW’s new Fantasy Mix!

First, in the Rainbow Sherbet room, PNR News says, it “highlights the magic of color”. The Blue Hawaii room sets the perfect tropical scene. And the Blue Raspberry room features “whimsical sweet and tart decor”. All three of these bedrooms have backyard access where there is a pool filled with HI-CHEW floaties AND life-size games to play!!

As June is National Candy Month, this weekend getaway will be the perfect place to indulge in all kinds of HI-CHEW candy goodness!

You can apply now HERE!

Source: PNR News

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