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Bad news for the Julius Chambers High School football team.  They will have to forfeit their entire 2021-2022 football season due to at least one ineligible player on the team.  They join Myers Park High School and West Charlotte High School who also had to forfeit their season.  No word on how the school district learned of the ineligible player(s).   In addition to forfeiting the season, Julius Chambers High School will also have to pay a $250 fine and return any money made during their home playoff games.

This news comes just days after CMS announced their action plan to combat play ineligibility.  The action plan includes:

  • Developing a districtwide coaches symposium.
    • Topics are to include athletic eligibility, sportsmanship, legal issues, positive team culture, parent communication/expectations, character education, mental health, social media, sports medicine and nutrition, and equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Conduct a comprehensive program evaluation.
    • Program guiding principles, program curriculum, program resources and equity, program administration, program, and player evaluation.
  • Create districtwide training for learning community superintendents, principals, social workers, registrars, and other support personnel as needed.
  • Develop a districtwide parent symposium.