Hot Brown Organic Turkey Gravy in a Boat

This is a new one- Cannabis Gravy. Thanksgiving can be crazy, but thanks to Kiva Confections you can keep your family mellow this year. The edibles brand is bringing back its cannabis-infused gravy, which boasts 10 mg of THC per packet and is available across California dispensaries. Just whisk the gravy powder with one cup of water in a saucepan, bring it to a boil, and occasionally stir until its consistency is how you like it. How do you keep things (your family) sane at your Thanksgiving celebration? I think I’ll personally stick with the wine. But you do you! You’d certainly want to give your family a heads up but if they are on board this is one way to keep the anxiety low for the holidays.

This is just one of the products we miss out on in North Carolina since it is not legal here. It is definitely interesting to see the creativity reflected in products, however. If a trip out west is on the docket this winter, try some and let us know your thoughts!

16 Charlotte North Carolina Area Holiday Parades To Check Out In 2022

Halloween has come and gone which means it’s almost time for Christmas! I can already hear the chiming of the jingle bells and Mariah Carey belting ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. In fact, the Queen City Christmas events kick off the first week of November! We are starting quickly. And with so many different events from parades to festivals to concerts to shopping and lights, it can be overwhelming. But we are here to help you make plans to get everything done this holiday season. Let’s start it off with 16 Charlotte area holiday parades you can check out this year.

Who doesn’t love a good parade? Marching bands, performances, floats, candy, and tis’ the season for a visit from Santa as well! You can find all of that in more in the numerous Christmas/holiday parades throughout the region. In fact, you can probably make a couple if you’re a die-hard parade-aholic. While I’m not personally one I’ve worked with a few over the years! And it’s Christmas after all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. So check out 16 of the Charlotte area holiday parades to attend this year below!

Have a parade I missed? Email full info to and I’ll include it on this and our guide to everything holiday in the Queen City.

Happy Holidays!