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Local artist listen up!  Is your music a bop or is it a flop?  Can you put your music up against anyone?  Well, I am giving you a chance to find out with my new segment, “Bop or Flop”.  Every Monday, I will post music from 2 local artists on our website.  Listeners can then vote on which song they like.  The winning song will be announced on Friday and featured on “Afternoon Vibez with Ms. Jessica“.

Want your song featured on “Bop or Flop“? Email the following to

  • Your original, clean single
  • 2 headshots/promo pictures
  • Your bio (at least 100 words)

Listen to “Afternoon Vibez with Ms. Jessica” Monday-Friday, 3pm-7pm, to find out if your song made the cut!

Bop or Flop

Ms. Jessica Presents “Bop or Flop”