Shane Pierce is a local spray-painting artist who is deep rooted craftsman by leisure activity, had been in a painting streak for quite a long time, filling his Pineville condo with monster oil paintings he’d make on the ends of the week and after long days cleaning air channels.

What started Pierce of painting murals was that he wanted to get a message across with petition-style piece in Salisbury North Carolina. When Elysia and Tim Demers of Grievous Gallery in downtown Salisbury cruised by. The appeal and the aspiration were difficult to disregard according to them.

When Pierce had found out about Butler High School being shot, he wanted to come painted a mural while the students was in class in Butler’s cafeteria, from the kindness of his heart, and to show that he cared for those. All around the area Pierce is known for his graffiti art around the 704.


Shane Pierce is an American Artist focusing on figurative oil painting.