The $100 Summer Card program is scheduled to end Tuesday, Aug. 31. The program was created as part of its ongoing effort to get more North Carolinians vaccinated. The cards were distributed to offset the time and transportation costs of getting vaccinated.

Through tomorrow, Aug. 31, anyone 18 and older will receive a $100 card after getting their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, anyone who drives someone to receive their first dose of the vaccine will receive a $25 Card. These are available each time you drive someone to an appointment.

Initially, $25 cards were given out but providers saw an obvious increase in demand once the amount was upped to $100 on August 4th. It’s also worth noting that is around the time Delta began surging. So if you are planning on getting vaccinated you may want to go tomorrow and get that extra $100 in your pocket.


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