North Carolina schools will now be able to shift to remote learning if deemed necessary. Governor Roy Cooper signed the bill, Senate Bill 654.

On Monday, the governor signed Senate Bill 654 which addresses schools and COVID-19.  One section (available to read below) is about remote learning during COVID-19 emergency situations. It gives school districts the authority to make day-to-day decisions pertaining to shifting schools or individual classrooms to remote learning throughout the current 2021-2022 school year. The hope is to reduce stress on schools in the event an insufficient number of teachers and staff are available or for required student quarantines. Any shift to online learning will be required to be reported to the Department of Public Instruction within 72 hours. Additionally, a return to in-person learning would need to be done as soon as enough personnel is available or quarantine is complete.

Mask mandates were also addressed in SB 654. It requires all public schools/districts to adopt a specific mask policy ie whether or not they are mandatory or optional. This policy must be voted on by districts one per month, or more if they want, to determine if changes to the policy are necessary.

These policies for North Carolina schools involving remote learning and masks spelled out should make things easier on school districts by having protocols in place. Hopefully, students will have a great and educational year.

Read the full bill in its entirety