Coronavirus in U.S. State North Carolina, Female Doctor Portrait, protect Face surgical medical mask with North Carolina Flag. Illness, Virus Covid-19 in North Carolina

While it may not have felt like it at the moment, North Carolina probably was slightly more in the middle of Covid response. Conservative states like Florida and Texas were more or less open for much of the pandemic. On the other end, liberal states like California and New York had some of the strictest restrictions. In contrast, North Carolina is more of a “purple” state. While we have a Democratic governor in Roy Cooper and at one point it seemed like we were behind in opening up, we must have done something right. At least according to The White House. In fact, WRAL is reporting that the Biden Administration considers the North Carolina COVID response a “best practice”.

They sent a team from the Federal Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to see how our response played out. This included trips to look at the biomanufacturing capabilities, workforce development, and community outreach programs according to WRAL. The researchers hoped to learn more about how small life sciences companies, particularly those headquartered in RTP, reoriented their efforts to fight the pandemic. In addition, they wanted to identify more ways that the federal government could accelerate innovation to combat potential future pandemics.

The OSTP visit also underscores the state’s rising position as a global leader in the life sciences.

Read the full WRAL article here.

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