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There are some good reasons why you may not be able to find your favorite Girl Scout cookies this year.  One of the organization’s suppliers-a bakery called Little Brownie Bakers-has been experiencing supply issues.  On top of that, there have also been delivery delays due to the weather.  Little Brownie Bakers supply cookies such as Samoas and the newest Girl Scout cookie, the Raspberry Rally.

The new cookie sold out in hours, and fans are desperate to get their hands on them, and now they can.  The limited-edition raspberry-flavored version of the Thin Mint was only available online and typically sold for $4-$7 per box but is now being listed on sites like eBay for exorbitant prices.  Boxes of cookies are showing up for upwards of $20 a box, including a listing for 12 boxes being sold for $499.  The Girl Scouts of the USA said, “When cookies are purchased through a third-party seller, Girl Scout troops are deprived of proceeds that fund critical programming throughout the year.”

Did you get your hands on any Girl Scout cookies this year?  What is your favorite cookie?