SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 20: Fumo, a baby chimpanzee enjoys an icy treat at Taronga Zoo with other chimpanzees on November 20, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. With high temperatures expected across Sydney and NSw today, Taronga Zoo primate keepers provided ice blocks filled with food to the chimpanzees in order to keep them cool.

Visitors to the North Carolina Zoo Sunday got a show they probably weren’t expecting. They got to see a baby chimpanzee being born. Yes, a chimpanzee gave birth as the zoo describes “in full view of everyone”. The zoo announced the birth on social media and shared a heartwarming video of mom and baby. They say that both animals are resting and bonding away from the view of visitors. But chances are the next time you plan a visit to the zoo you’ll get to see the new little one.

It’s not just the unnamed chimpanzee giving birth at the zoo. About a week ago the North Carolina Zoo welcomed two litters of Red Wolf pups which are critically endangered animals. The zoo is located in Asheboro North Carolina about an hour and a half drive from both Charlotte and Raleigh and makes a great day trip! They are open 9 am-5 pm daily and tickets are very affordable at $15 for adults and cheaper for kids and seniors. It’s divided into two sections North America and Africa with a wide variety of animals for visitors to enjoy. The North Carolina Zoo is also a leader in the conservation of species including the aforementioned red wolf. Get more info about visiting here.