I saw numerous posts of the same missing dog being shared over the last week or so on Facebook. Turns out I have numerous mutual friends with this family, and they are located fairly close by. As someone who is very much a dog person, it instantly tugged on my heartstrings. I was lucky enough to have my childhood dog for almost 18 years and it wasn’t near long enough. In fact, while I love being around dogs, looking a videos of them, and love friend’s pups like they are my own, I’m still not ready to go through that again. So when I saw this adorable family’s dog missing, I hoped for a happy ending. Unfortunately, it was anything but that. The North Carolina family posted a tragic update over the weekend that their beloved dog had been shot and killed by a neighbor.

There are truly no words for this absolutely hanus crime and I hope that this neighbor if these allegations are true, is punished to the fullest extent of the law. The family says they received a few anonymous tips that led them to a nearby yard. There they recovered their dog’s body from a grave and that he had been shot and killed. There is no excuse for such despicable behavior and it truly makes me sick that any individual could knowingly do this, and then go to the effort to hide the body. I don’t hate many people, but anyone who would do such a thing, deserves all the hate in this world.

Can Legal Action Be Taken?

The family did not say if they had gotten the police involved, but it does look like criminal charges would be applicable in this situation. According to the Michigan State University Animal Historical and Legal Center, North Carolina laws would classify this as a felony. They state, “The anti-cruelty statute provides that if any person shall maliciously kill, or cause or procure to be killed, any animal by intentional deprivation of necessary sustenance, that person shall be guilty of a Class H felony.”

The post has been shared over 800 times and has over 600 comments. If you have any info that could help with charges being pressed in this situation, I’d encourage you to comment on the post. While tragically nothing can be done to bring this precious North Carolina family’s dog that was brutally shot and killed back, I hope and pray the person responsible will be held accountable.

6 Places To Adopt A Dog (Your New Best Friend) In North Carolina

Looking to add on to your family? But not looking for more kids or any kids? How about a new pet? Now is a great time to adopt an animal. There are so many pets across the Charlotte region who would love to be your new forever friend. Whether you are looking to adopt a dog, a cat, or maybe a nonconventional animal. I have to say looking at these pictures of dogs almost made me want to adopt one. But ultimately I’m still not ready after losing mine a few years ago. But there are some incredibly sweet and adorable pups who would absolutely love to join your family. All of the places to adopt a dog or cat listed below are in the Charlotte region of North Carolina.

So if you feel called to do so browse through the animals awaiting adoption. You may not know you need one until you see its precious face. Check out some places to adopt a dog or cat in North Carolina below. And who knows come Monday morning you could have a new furrever friend. (If you do and would like to bring it for a visit hit a girl up!)

The Most Popular Dog Breeds In North Carolina

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