6 Week Old Red Wolf Puppy (Canis rufus)

If you haven’t been to the North Carolina Zoo it’s a great day trip to take. Recently two litters of endangered red wolf pups were welcomed at the North Carolina Zoo. These pups are several of just a few American Red Wolves left in the world. American Red Wolves are the most endangered canine in the world. There are only 15-20 remaining in the wild. The wild wolves live in Eastern North Carolina so it’s fitting that this is a priority for the NC Zoo. In 2021 the zoo welcomed 3 litters.

The Zoo is proud to participate in the American Red Wolf Recovery Program . The program has wild wolves wearing tracking devices to protect and track them. This is all part of extensive efforts to keep the breed alive. Pups born at the zoo can remain there, be introduced to the wild, or be transferred to breeding programs at other zoos.

One litter welcomes 3 pups and the other welcomed 6 for a total of 6 healthy red wolves. I visited the North Carolina Zoo a couple of months ago and enjoyed seeing the adult red wolves, there were some of the most active animals at the zoo that morning. And of course, a red wolf will always be a hit with this NC State graduate. Get more info on red wolves on all the North Carolina Zoo is doing to help breed and preserve the animals in the wild here.