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(11:26 p.m.) A panhandler, who did not wish to have her face shown, displays her sign along 4th St. in San Francisco on on Tuesday, June 18, 2019. (Photo by Guy Wathen/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

No more panhandling allowed in Rock Hill, SC. That ruling came down during the Rock Hill City Council meeting. Council members approved an ordinance that prevents people from asking for money in any public place. The ordinance also includes musicians and other street performers who ask for money.

Rock Hill already had an ordinance in place that covered the downtown area. Police say it’s been working. They’ve made arrests and issued tickets to violators. But the new ordinance now covers the entire city. And it includes roads and underpasses where many panhandlers are.

Panhandlers aren’t the only group facing new rules. The city council approved another ordinance that bans camping on public property. Those in violation will be declared a public nuisance.

Meanwhile, in Charlotte panhandling is allowed, but is illegal after dark. People cannot ask for money once the sun goes down. And it is also illegal to panhandle aggressively —  meaning beggars can’t make threats, block someone’s path or demand money.