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Why You Should Waste Your Money On These Things

The internet presents us with some of the strangest things to waste our money on. Everything from fake hands to fake poop, we sometimes drop serious cash on things we just don't need.

But even though we aren't supposed to waste our hard earned cash...there may be a few pointless things we can make exceptions for. So here are some of the wonderful things that you should throw your dollars at.

1. I Got Life Insurance - Adult Achievement Stickers

Adulting is hard. You deserve recognition for a job well done. This set of 16- Includes 16 hilarious stickers. Reward your friends or yourself with a special sticker for accomplishing an adult achievement.

2. Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle

If you think Stranger Things is a fantastic show...and you may have a slight obsession with are going to want this candle. This candle bleeds from both nostrils as you melt down the candle and features the image of Eleven.

3. Spreadable coffee

If you love coffee and Nutella, this is basically both your favorite things together. You can now spread your coffee on your toast like you do with your Nutella. Get the energy you need and fill your tummy! Win. Win.

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