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So guys, if you don’t know by now, I’m always in the kitchen whipping!If you follow my Instastory, most of the time during the week, you can find me making up some gooooodness. So, I recently whipped up this lil mixture for a burger marinade and it was BOMMMMMMMMMBB! I only let it marinate for just about 15-20 mins!

Ingredients/Instructions done the Vonyetta Way:

1-2lbs of lean hamburger meat (I use 90/10 or Angus)

Hidden Valley Season packet (Garlic and Herb)

Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning packet

Now this packet calls for vinegar, water, and oil to activate the mixture for the garlic and herb pack. I added a little more vinegar, but next time I will probably only add 1/2 tsp of water. I used coconut oil, but I may use olive oil next time. This all depends on you. I mixed it all up and then I added 1/2 pack of the ranch seasoning powder. I put all this in a cup and got to mixing. I added this mixture to the hamburger meat and added 1 egg. I will probably add 2 eggs next time because I used almost 2 pounds of meat. I also added to tbsp of minced garlic.

Let it all marinate and then grill it up!

Now for the burger topping.  Here is what you will need”


Heinz 57

Minced Garlic


You can use a sauce pan or heat it all in the microwave. I prefer stove top. Combine A1, Heinz 57, and minced garlic. After heating on medium heat for 5 mins, cut your orange and squeeze about 1 1/2 tbsp of pure orange juice in the mixture. Next, take a piece of the orange peel and add it to the mixture and let it heat for about 5 more mins and constantly stir. Then let it simmer.

Brush this mixture on your burgers during the last 5 mins of them cooking. Then, BABBBBBYYYYYYY YOUR BURGERS WILL BE BUSSIN LIKE A MF!