I feel that we move too fast as a whole whenever we feel something is going right.  When the vaccines first started being given out and the number of covid cases were declining we began to open everything back up which to me was a bad idea.  Yes the numbers were declining but the virus was still there.  People were so anxious to open businesses just to get the dollar generating again that they still weren’t concerned about others health.

This new mask mandate is a GOOD thing and people should have been doing this the whole time.

The City of Charlotte’s mask mandate is now in effect, requiring masks to be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status against COVID-19.

The proclamation mandates that Face Coverings be worn in any indoor public place, business, or establishment within the City of Charlotte and the unincorporated areas of Mecklenburg County.

The proclamation will be in effect through Sept. 1, 2021 unless sooner rescinded or terminated. This requirement applies to all individuals who are at least five years of age.