NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 24: Student backpacks hang on the backs of classroom chairs on the second to last day of school as New York City public schools prepare to wrap up the year at Yung Wing School P.S. 124 on June 24, 2022 in New York City. Approximately 75% of NYC public schools enrolled fewer students for the 2021/2022 school year due to the pandemic.

Are you as a parent ready for your child to go back to school?  There’s still the danger of COVID-19 that you have to be aware of on top of the monkeypox virus going around.  Do you still believe it is safe to have your child in school?

As a parent myself, I am absolutely terrified.  I know that there are these viruses that are there but I’m afraid because of the parents who don’t believe in what is going on and aren’t preparing their children properly.  Even teachers who won’t be adequately prepared worry me also.  They may not have enough sanitizer or may not clean after every period before another class comes into theirs.

All I can do is prepare my children for what is to come and hope that they do the right and necessary things while they are at school.  I encourage all teachers and administrators also to do their part when it comes to keeping the kids healthy and keeping the school healthy, clean, and sanitized.

What’s your biggest fear as a parent for your child and this school year?