Coronavirus Information Report

The number of people who can dine at beachside restaurants will likely be restricted, and many people may feel safer avoiding those spaces. It is better to bring your own food to enjpy on the beach.

Because we know you are going to visit the sandy shores, but want you to be smart about it.

Many people want to get out and head to a beach now that summer is officially here. How can you be safe at the beach in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? The Huffington Post asked doctors for advice about how to handle your next trip to the beach.


One of the biggest issues is the location. Try not to go to a beach that you know will be packed with locals and possibly tourists. Another factor is assessing your risk. While at the beach, wear a mask and practice social distancing. The same rules are in play even when you are near the water. Also, don’t neglect beach safety. Remember sunscreen to protect your skin and water safety rules for you and your family.

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