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Six students from Ardrey Kell High School spent hours in the sun last week painting their school’s school spirit rock with the names of African American that have lost their lives at the hand of police brutality. Over the weekend that spirit rock was vandalized.

After learning about the vandalism, I hopped on FB and asked my friends to help me locate a a young lady by the name Kayden Hunt, the Student Body President at Ardrey Kell. Within minutes her phone number was in my inbox and we were texting. She posted a video showing the vandalized rock and her voice broke my heart. She sounded so sad, so defeated. Boy was I wrong!


Kayden and her team came together and in less than 24 hours, they planned an event to repaint the rock.  Over 100 supporters showed up and the students raised over $2,000 to be donated various organizations helping with the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Congratulations to Kayden and all the students at Ardrey Kell for making this happen. You all are an inspiration and your dedication to making this world a better place is needed and appreciated!  Check out the finished product.

“…how we did this and why we did this is evident. We want to spread love in this area. To spread that we belong here. We deserve to feel comfortable here, as black students.” – Kayden Hunt, AK Student Body President (center)