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Vonyetta on Fire

As a Mom, I am afraid. As a wife, I am afraid. I am afraid for husband. I’m afraid for my kids. I’m afraid of my husband being taken as a threat. I’m afraid of my son walking down the street riding his bike and someone see him as a threat because they don’t know him.

I have never been more worried about black and brown people than I’ve ever been. There is a serious unrest, but this unrest leaves us all still wondering what the real solution is. We know what the end game is, but what is the solution to get us there? One of the main things is effective individuals in positions. I saw an article in the times written by Astead W. Herndon. He said in his title “Not Being Trump Is Not Enough.” I can’t tell you how real that is. We need effective members in these positions. We need effective, non-biased individuals. This matters all the way down to the coroner. We saw many doctors dispute the autopsy of George Floyd. Some even calling the findings BS. So what does it take? It takes people that are going to be effective. As Astead said “Not being Trump is NOT enough.”

So what next? I need to see more than promises during campaigns. I really thing that some candidates don’t believe that the majority of Americans, maybe even African Americans, will not pay more attention to their actual plans. I am not surprised if they bank on following the leader. that very well may happen, but starting now, we need to change that. Hold them accountable for their plans for our communities. Point out the flaws and call them on how that will be fixed. Then, help educate the rest of your community on all these things to make a better conscience decision. Too many times, people vote straight ticket because they don’t know. They think democrat is for me, when in fact, some of those candidates never have any best interest at heart.

We also need effective leaders when it comes to protests and demonstrations because everyone organizing is not a leader. This can put people in serious harms way when things are not done correctly. I know I don’t have the answers and it’s ok to not want to agree. Just continue to pray and stay safe. I love yall no matter what!