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PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 15: A general view of a Starbucks store on September 15, 2022 in Plainview, New York, United States. Many families along with businesses are suffering the effects of inflation as the economy is dictating a change in spending habits. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

If you are a Starbucks junky, your world is about to get a lot better. DoorDash is now expanding their Starbucks partnership.

Last year DoorDash announced they would be partnering with Starbucks adding them as a delivery vendor. They started out by testing it in a few markets. It’s obvious that it was successful because now the expansion will include all 50 states by the end of March.

This could mean some nice extra big bucks for Dashers. I have seen a lot of Tik Tok and You Tube videos of dashers that make great money and there are even ones that give advice for other dashers to maximize their money. There is a Charlottean by the name of Bentley Koup. He has a You Tube channel with “Dasher Diaries” videos and he’s dropping free game. Take a peak.

Will you join as a dasher? Will you be ordering Starbucks soon?