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Major fire being battled in Charlotte, NC

Alerts went out to cell phones in the area this morning that threw up alarms for many. It’s all because Charlotte Fire is battling a major fire in Southpark.

This morning as I travelled to work, an alarm went off on my phone and I thought it was an amber alert. It actually wasn’t. The Charlotte Fire Department was battling an major blaze in the area and wanted to advise the community there was no need to contact 911 about the blaze. That’s how big the fire is.

As I scrolled through social media this morning, I came across a video of the blaze and instantly understood exactly why the alert came out.

Make sure you avoid the area and allow first responders to do their jobs.

Charlotte Twitter Reacts To The Tractor-Trailer Fire On I-77

Many Charlotte drivers were in for a scary surprise this morning on Interstate 77. Unless you’ve yet to leave your house you are probably aware of what happened this morning. But I’ll give you a quick refresh just in case. A tractor-trailer crashed this morning catching on fire on I-77 near uptown Charlotte. This massive fire shut down the interstate going North into Charlotte for hours and some lanes still remain closed. The driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Pictures and videos of the incident show a terrifying situation that thankfully firefighters quickly got under control and extinguished the flames. I for one was extremely confused when I arrived at work this morning to a practically empty parking deck. I’m lucky I don’t get on any interstate for my commute and didn’t encounter any additional traffic. Quickly I realized what was going on and why no one was at the office yet. Though I was sad to realize it wasn’t a holiday I wasn’t aware of!

I took to Twitter to see exactly what was going on with the tractor-trailer fire and I-77 traffic. While many of the news sites had a report it was interesting to see what other local residents saw and how they felt about the incident. I was very thankful to see that most people were understanding and not complaining about the traffic. It’s easy to get frustrated but everyone stuck in traffic was lucky to be safe from this terrifying situation. Keep reading to see Twitter’s reactions to the fire. We truly hope the driver will make a full recovery. Stay safe out there Charlotte.

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