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Recently I was scrolling through Next Door and saw some Charlotte residents report an extreme surge in their energy bills.

Some of the comments really threw me for a loop. There were some energy surges that were almost unbelievable. I decided to place a post on Next Door to see if I could find out just how many residents are experiencing this surge. I was floored to find out there were so many residents experiencing bills that reflected a home twice the size. The economy is tough for a lot of people. There are still residents who are unemployed and underpaid, so a surge in energy bill rates is not what pretty much anyone needs.

I do understand that it has been very hot lately. The heat has caused everyone’s AC units to work overtime. with that, I’m sure it caused a surge, but some of these reports are ridiculous. Check out these comments.

The Responses

Trey Graham said, “My July bill was like $40 bucks more and it said my usage was 400kwH higher. I know the air isn’t running that much more”.

Bob Gilbertson said, “Yep mine at $657.00”. This prompted users to ask what their thermostat was set for, the size of their home, and previous bill ranges. This was his response. “5500 sq ft July was $357 Aug. was $657 therm. set at 72 degrees”.

One resident encouraged other residents to debunk myths and find out ways to reduce your bill. One thing mentioned, which is very true, is that about 25% of the bills are fees. Setting your thermostat to a more comfortable setting can help reduce as well. There was one resident that really brought this surge into a complete perspective. Look at this comment from Sharon Powers. “Yes! I am on the equal payment plan, have been for years. My furnace in winter is a known energy drain, and the average bill was $95/mo for years. For a 2 bd 1 ba home with 1 resident @ 1,000 sf. Three months ago I got a $35/mo increase, and 2 weeks ago another $15/mo increase. That’s about a 50% increase. They must be eating cash for lunch over there. Think I’ll go with the competition. Oh, wait..”. Have you experienced a surge?

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